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Paine Field's future?

Our video

Click here to check out our video about Paine Field.  It's only 1 minute long...

Thank you Mukilteo!

We thank the City of Mukilteo Community Support Grant Program for their support of SOC's educational efforts.  We are very grateful.  We want to challenge the cities of Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace to match Mukilteo's funding efforts. 

News Blog

Amid cheers from Boeing employees, the 787-9 took off from Everett's Paine Field at 11:02am on Tuesday, September 17th, 3013.  The new Dreamliner is a victory for Boeing as they seem to have worked out the kinks of previous models.  The 787-8 was 3 years behind their projected production

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Save Our Communities Position

Some people are wondering "What is SOC's strategy?"  While we have been addressing multiple issues, we do have a plan.  The following 3 points guide our actions: 

  1. Any airline that wants to come into Paine Field should pay its own way.  There should be no taxpayer subsidies at the Federal, State or County level.  This is true for most businesses, it should be true for the airlines as well.  Terminals should not be built with taxpayer funds or subsidies.  If an airline business cannot survive without subsidies, then it's not a sustainable business. The airlines should pay all costs without subsidies.

  2. Any airline that wants to come into Paine Field should pay for mitigation.  Airline noise and pollution impacts health, traffic and the environment. There will be direct and indirect costs to the community attributable directly to airline service.  If an airline business cannot survive without paying for costly impacts to the community, then the community should not be expected to shoulder that liability. The airlines should pay for all impacts.

  3. Paine Field should be an Aerospace Center of National Significance (ACNS.)  We should emphasize high wage jobs for Boeing and other aerospace manufacturers, not low wage baggage handlers and rental car attendants.  In the next few years, Boeing's Everett facility will manufacture the 747-8 freighter & passenger models, the 787, the 777 and the 767 tanker.  We want and need those high wage jobs.  If commercial service starts at Paine Field and grows, how will that be compatible with Boeing?  Answer:  it won't.  Airline service at full capacity and Boeing at full production are incompatible as both will fight for the same limited runway space.  This will only encourage Boeing to go elsewhere, an idea that is no longer conceptual but a real and living threat to us.  Other communities will fight to win Boeing's business.  We need to fight to keep them here

So we need you to do something with us:  ACT!

  • Write the Snohomish County Council. Tell them not to fund the airlines with taxpayer money.
  • Write Governor Inslee and your State Legislators. Tell them you support the Governor’s plan to promote Aerospace in Washington State.
  • Write your Federal Congressman and Senators. Tell them to designate Paine Field an Aerospace Center of National Significance.

You can find contact info here.  Thanks for your help!


San Diego Airport on a typical day

San Diego Airprt: a typical crowded day

Just like San Diego, Paine Field's single main runway could accommodate a lot of airline service over time.  Do we really want to crowd out an economic power-house like Boeing with traffic like this?  How would Boeing test and launch new aircraft in these conditions?  Sea-Tac was built for this.  Paine Field was built to support aerospace manufacturing.  The two functions differ significantly and shouldn't be mixed together. 

Aerospace and General Aviation at Paine Field

Compare to the picture above of San Diego airport.  Here's a shot of what we have at Paine Field--787's ready for final delivery, and general aviation.  THAT is Paine Field's highest and best use. 

Aerospace and General Aviation at Paine Field

SOC's Response to the FAA's Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

The FAA says there are no significant

impacts. Click here to see our Dec 4, 2012 newsletter about the FAA's decision to allow scheduled airservice in.  All we can say is:  Really?  Click here to see our paper on "Myths vs. Reality." 

• The FAA won’t allow restrictions on flights,

day or night. No impacts? Really?

• All airports continue to grow.

• Click here to tell Snohomish County Executive

Reardon not to use taxpayer money to

subsidize the airlines or build a terminal.

• Tell the County to reject the FAA’s finding

and require a full study of all impacts –it is the law.

Click here to send an email to the County Council. Or
just use this email: contact.council@co.snohomish.wa.us

Here is some suggested wording (cut and paste to your email)
and feel free to use your own.

Snohomish County Council:

Do not accept the FAA's flawed study and Finding of No
Significant Impact -- it doesn't comply with federal law and
it doesn't comply with state law. Reject the FAA promise
to do more studies in the future and reject the FAA's study
for the SEPA.  As our elected leaders, we expect you to
enforce the law. Require a new comprehensive SEPA study
of all the impacts of a growing number of flights.  And,
legitimately study the alternatives as required -- the FAA
didn't. Don't let the FAA make you and your citizens pay
for the impacts of starting and growing commercial flights
from Paine Field year after year.  Do the right thing.
Serve our communities' well being for the long term. 
Thank You.

Save Our Communities (SOC) is a non-profit organization of concerned citizens from communities throughout Snohomish, Island, and northern King Counties dedicated to preserving the quality of life in this primarily residential area of Puget Sound. Formed in 1992, it is a one-issue group – specifically, we oppose any attempt to transform Paine Field into a 'SeaTac-North'.

We are FOR the Boeing Company and our aerospace industry, and always have been.  We are FOR creating an Aerospace Center of National Significance by attracting and retaining high wage, high growth aerospace industrial corporations.  We want the economic development that these world class companies have brought, and can continue to bring, to this area.

Check out "Economics of Boeing at Paine Field" presentation.
Please view our presentation to the MRD review panel.

Paine Field Noise Hotline

To complain about noise from Paine Field, please go to http://www.painefield.com/noise/noiseform.html  or call them at (425) 353-2110 x1.  

Online Petition

Sign our online petition supporting the current balance of Paine Field and oppose scheduled air service.  Our petition reaffirms that Paine Field currently balances the needs of our community, general aviation, and Boeing.  Go to the "Take Action" page to sign the petition.