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Will Allegiant Air really be there?
Fri, Jun 14, 2013 - 04:09 PMPosted by SOC in In-Depth

Allegiant Air, who primarily flies out of small markets, continues to express interest in bringing commercial flights to Paine Field.  They already fly out of Bellingham, operating about 15 flights per day, catering mostly to vacationers looking for a bargain.  This bargain comes with a price however.  Allegiant flights are frequently late and reportedly they currently have the worst record for on-time departures and arrivals.  Perhaps the biggest concern for Paine Field, Snohomish County and the taxpayers should be that Allegiant Air also has a reputation to pull out of markets where they are not making enough of a profit leaving the cities high and dry.  Allegiant is cancelling flights and leaving cities all over the country due to low ticket sales.  They claim this is only temporary, a seasonal cutback, but in the meantime the airport is forced to foot the bill they left behind.  Save Our Communities continues to support a legal County policy of requiring any and every airline that wishes to fly out of Paine Field to pay their own way.  This would include all impacts and startup costs like designing and building a passenger terminal.  Taxpayers should not be left paying the bills to subsidize airlines or cover costs when an airline like Allegiant decides to leave.  For more information on Allegiant Air's practices visit

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