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Recent Court Ruling
Thu, Mar 17, 2016 - 10:26 PM

You most likely have heard about the recent federal court ruling in favor of allowing commercial flights at Paine Field with no further studies.

We believe some key points were not properly considered in the ruling and Petitioners are reviewing the potential for a rehearing. The court contemplates additional impact assessments if and when Propeller’s operation goes beyond a similar activity level described in the court ruling as 22 flight operations per day. All direct and indirect costs of commercial service need to be paid for by Propeller and the Airlines to avoid subsidies as is authorized by the FAA. Indirect costs can grow exponentially with additional traffic. The court made it clear that the limited scope of the study does not address operations beyond what was studied. The court also found that FAA actions are needed in any expanded operation scenario. Unless scheduled service is limited in some way, we must collectively address expansion scenarios. Mitigation actions and costs must not be circumvented or minimized by incremental expansion. The position of the County and many impacted cities is t o strongly discourage scheduled service meaning no subsidies. We are fully committed to that position and continue to explore all options.

Also, the lawsuit against Snohomish County is still in play. This is NOT over!

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Flights Fight Continues
Wed, Feb 3, 2016 - 09:33 PM

Thank you to those who attended the Save Our Communities annual meeting. We discussed ideas for moving forward, and the current lawsuits, including insights from Mayor Gregerson. Stay tuned for the outcome of the lawsuits, and next steps.

Check out the great letter in the Beacon written by our President, Mike Moore. It is not over! There is still time for the politics and money driving the fate of commercial flights to be replaced with reality and facts. We encourage you to add comments to Mike's letter, even if just a brief one. Let people know you still care about our future.

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Lawsuit Filed
Tue, Apr 7, 2015 - 07:18 PMPosted by Save Our Communities

As previously stated, we are assessing the best path forward. That path now includes filing a lawsuit to void the contract with Propeller. Two key points are:

• Failure to Comply with Procedural Requirements of the County Code before Taking Action
• Failure to Comply with state environmental review requirements

These points and others were pointed out to the Snohomish County Council before they voted on the contract, but three council members chose to ignore their own procedural requirements.
A Herald article can be found here that covers the issue.

The best use of Paine Field does not include commercial flights, but if scheduled commercial air service must begin, it must be brought in legally, and with no taxpayer money put at risk.

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