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Snohomish County Council - 50 year commitment to commercial flights?
Mon, Feb 23, 2015 - 06:54 AMPosted by SOC

The Snohomish County Council is scheduled to vote on a 50 year lease (30 years plus two 10 year options) with Propeller Investments so Propeller can build a commercial service passenger terminal at Paine Field.

The only track record SOC has been able to find for Propeller is two failed attempts at bringing commercial service to two Atlanta area airports. At a recent Snohomish County Council meeting, the Council was briefed on the deal by the Paine Field Airport Director, but no questions about the background of the company who the county is about to do business with were asked.

Even though there is no airline anxious to begin service, the Council is fast tracking this for a potential vote on March 2nd. A 50 year commitment with an unproven company decided with a two week review?! Why? What happened to due diligence, good governance, and transparency in government?

Write your County Council members and the County Executive (sample letters here) and tell them to slow down and get all the facts before deciding to proceed.

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