Noise Annoys!

Wed, Dec 31, 2008

Noise Annoys!

For our latest example of terrible effects, witness the new 3rd runway at Sea-Tac, which officially went into service on November 20.  This is good-news and bad news for us.  The good news is the 3rd runway dramatically increased the air-side capacity at Sea-Tac, which should lessen demand for Paine Field.

The bad news is the runway comes at great cost to Sea-Tac residents, who feel they were mis-led.  A recent article in the Seattle Times states “Sea-Tac neighbors feel duped over 3rd Runway Noise.” Read it.  It’s scary. 

"It feels like we're in a war zone," said Miriam Bearse, who lives north of the third runway in Burien."It feels like bombers going overhead every five minutes at low altitude." 

Don’t think that can happen here?  It can and it will—unless we fight.  Communities that fight can (and do) eventually win.    

Mark Williams wrote in a recent Letter to the Editor for the Herald: “As an industry analyst for Merrill Lynch, the very best outcome that occurred in my national studies when commercial aviation was added to a previously non-commercial venue was a drop in home values that averaged 22%.”  This is consistent with many of the studies that SOC has found.
If the recent housing slump depresses you, just wait.  You can easily get another 22% drop in your home value.  Simply do nothing and let those who want air service at Paine Field win.

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