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December 4, 2012


Today, the FAA issued a Record of Decision adopting an environmental study that fails to comply with the law.  The FAA disregarded the public interest and the substantive comments submitted by Save Our Communities and the City of Mukilteo.   
This is not about studying a few flights a week. The FAA does not allow ANY restrictions on flights once they start.  The FAA should have fully studied all reasonable projections of commercial flight activity associated with changing operations at Paine Field.  That is the law!

Instead the FAA concluded before the study that there would be no significant impacts with opening another commercial service runway in the region. This deliberate action to circumvent the law will be challenged. Click here for detailed comments submitted by SOC to the FAA in October 2012. 

We continue to fully support and promote aerospace manufacturing and general aviation use of Paine Field. It has been and continues to be the best fit. It is hard to comprehend how the FAA could ever presume that changing this entire dynamic would not involve significant impacts. It is even more alarming that the FAA chose to look at just a few flights knowing their own rules don’t allow airports to restrict flights once they start.

The real story is not just here at Paine Field but that the FAA uses this tactic all over the country. If a new ferry terminal, NBA arena or coal terminal are required to produce and submit full Environmental Impact Statements, why not a new commercial service airport? Click here for SOC's detailed comments to the FAA in October 2012.

Save Our Communities (SOC) is a non-profit organization of concerned citizens from communities throughout Snohomish, Island, and northern King Counties dedicated to preserving the quality of life in this primarily residential area of Puget Sound. Formed in 1992, it is a one-issue group – specifically, we oppose any attempt to transform Paine Field into a ‘SeaTac-North.’  More about us and this issue can be found at

Save Our Communities contact:
Greg Hauth / 425-359-5498