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4th June 2020

Dear Supporter,

The FAA issued a Record of Decision adopting the "flawed" Final Environmental Assessment (FEA).  The FAA disregarded all the substantive comments submitted by SOC, the city of Mukilteo and the public in Feb 2010 and again in Oct 2012.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Please: click here to contact the County.  After some technical problems with past attempts, we are going back to tried and true methods.  Just cut and paste these suggested comments, & send or add your own comments. 


Snohomish County Council:  Do not accept the FAA's flawed study and Finding of No Significant Impact -- it doesn't comply with federal law and it doesn't comply with state law. Reject the FAA promise to do more studies in the future and reject the FAA's study for the SEPA.  As our elected leaders, we expect you to enforce the law. Require a new comprehensive SEPA study of all the impacts of a growing number of flights.  And, legitimately study the alternatives as required -- the FAA didn't. Don't let the FAA make you and your citizens pay for the impacts of starting and growing commercial flights from Paine Field year after year.  Do the right thing. Serve our communities' well being for the long term.  Thank You.

Then, forward this note to friends & neighbors to do the same--see ways to share this on with your network at the end of this note. Our voices need to be heard!

Does this FAA decision give a green light for Allegiant to start flights out of Paine Field?  Yes and no. 

The FAA has issued a Record of Decision (ROD) for the Environmental Assessment they started about 3 years ago.  The ROD will provide SOC and the City of Mukilteo the chance to really start the fight since formal legal challenges cannot take place until the ROD is issued.  As you know, the City has retained an expert attorney who is familiar with these proceedings, and she has submitted detailed comments to the FAA about the numerous flaws in the FAA's study.  These aren't small issues; these are big, glaring issues that speak to the over-whelming arrogance of the FAA's actions throughout this process.  The FAA has shown an utter disregard for the law as set forth in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969.  So you can expect to see a big fight starting on this.  Call the City at 425.263.8018 or email the electeds at Mukilteo to voice your support of their critically important actions.  

While the FAA must follow NEPA, the County must follow SEPA, the State Environmental Policy Act.  Typically the County would be able to avoid duplication by adopting a NEPA study to satisfy SEPA requirements unless a NEPA study is found to be inadequate and fails to fully comply with state law. That is exactly the case here! In addition to all the flaws called out by SOC, Mukilteo and others, the County itself pushed the FAA to expand the scope but the FAA rejected the County's recommendation. The County should inform the FAA that they reject the FEA as it does not satisfy the law.  To be compliant and to implement the public's interests, the County must demand a study that will comply with the full intent, purpose and requirements of law. The County should require a study that will fully evaluate reasonable, foreseeable and cumulative impacts of scheduled air service at Paine Field including the fact that FAA rules do not allow local limitations on flights (studying a few flights a day is inadequate and doing so circumvents the law).  After all, that's what the FAA should have done, but failed to do.  

Please watch our short video above.  This fight is far from over.  And, remember to contact the county (see above link) and your city and to tell your friends and neighbors to do the same -- this is the time to act.  Thanks for your support!


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