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Dear Supporter,

Executive Reardon's Open Letter (also on his Facebook post) seems to indicate that Reardon wants to bypass due process, ignore the fact that the county has yet to determine if the flawed FAA study satisfies State environmental law, ignore the lawsuit filed by Edmonds and Mukilteo, and push the County Council to fast track construction of a passenger terminal at Paine Field.  Reardon states “it is essential that Snohomish County ensure all requirements under federal law are met.” But why? Reardon must know the county is in compliance and has a policy to strongly discourage scheduled service.

Perhaps Executive Reardon forgot about the 2006 report issued by the law firm Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell, LLP hired by the MRD Panel formed in 2005 to study Snohomish County's legal authority regarding Paine Field. The report clearly states “Airport proprietors generally are not responsible for making capital improvements beyond those necessary to satisfy their maintenance obligations or to comply with the requirements of Airport Operating Certificates . . . This discretion applies to the construction and expansion of airport terminals. An airport proprietor is not obligated to seek federal financial assistance or to use other funding sources to construct a new, or expand an existing, airport terminal”. Mr. Reardon also states “It remains our responsibility to protect the county and its assets from all risks.” That should mean insuring all actions follow the law including taking actions to insure lawful studies are conducted to fully identify cumulative impacts of reasonable, foreseeable and potential activities, not spending taxpayer money on subsidies for airlines not required by law. Get the facts. SOC has prepared a Myth vs. Reality paper to help set the record straight.

It is extremely important we let our elected officials know that that this is not acceptable!

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Please: click here to contact Executive Reardon. Tell him: Executive Reardon: Snohomish County is not required by law to build a terminal at Paine Field.  The FAA has not ordered the County to do this now; the County still has to determine if the limited FAA study complies with state law requiring impact assessments; that hasn’t happened. Your office even asked for an expanded scope of study as did many of the 900 public comments but the FAA dismissed all of them. And, you haven’t seen the merits of the lawsuit – why would you dismiss it without seeing it?  You say the FAA is directing you to move forward now, so show the FAA letter directing you to do so. Since the county has not broken any law or FAA regulation, we highly doubt there is such a letter. In fact, the County should be doing everything it can to comply with the law by requiring complete studies on the effects of scheduled service and refusing to be coerced or bought off with promises of subsidy funding for this.  Please explain your reasons for putting out your message.

Click here to contact the County.  Tell them: Snohomish County Council: Do not proceed with a terminal or any other aspect of developing commercial flights at Paine Field until a full comprehensive study is completed for SEPA.  Do not accept the FAA's flawed study and Finding of No Significant Impact -- it doesn't comply with federal law and it doesn't comply with state law. Reject the FAA promise to do more studies in the future and reject the FAA's study for the SEPA.  As our elected leaders, we expect you to enforce the law. Require a new comprehensive SEPA study of all the impacts of a growing number of flights.  And, legitimately study the alternatives as required -- the FAA didn't. Don't let the FAA make you and your citizens pay for the impacts of starting and growing commercial flights from Paine Field year after year.  Do the right thing. Serve our communities' wellbeing for the long term.  Thank You.
Make comments to newspaper articles and to Reardon's Facebook -- Make your voice heard!

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