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Dear Supporter,

As no doubt you have heard, Allegiant Air refused Snohomish County’s offer to build a passenger terminal at Paine Field. According to the Everett Herald, Allegiant wanted the County to give them the land so they could build and control a terminal. This is yet another example that proves our point: Allegiant’s business model doesn’t fit Paine Field.
Proponents of commercial flights have been saying that the market exists. Well, apparently not if airlines are required to pay their own way. Allegiant doesn’t want to come because Snohomish County won’t subsidize them. Alaska Air doesn’t want to come because it is more lucrative for them to promote their investment in Sea-Tac and Bellingham Airport than to fly from Paine Field.
The best use of Paine Field has been and continues to be serving Boeing and Aerospace. Aerospace companies continue to come to Paine Field and provide an ever growing number of high paying jobs. A few low paying service jobs to support a market that takes priority over everything else is hardly a compatible use.
Save Our Communities would like the thank the Snohomish County Council for sticking with their position of making the airlines pay their way, and guarantee taxpayers will not be on the hook to subsidize airlines for commercial flights.
We at Save Our Communities will continue to support Aerospace and general aviation at Paine Field, and continue to work against attempts to displace that or our quality of life. Stay tuned, be vigilant, and we will continue to reach out and communicate important information (including the current lawsuit filed by the Cities of Mukilteo and Edmonds, and SOC), or when action is called for.


Save Our Communities

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