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Boeing plans to build 777X's giant wings in Everett. This news once again confirms that the role of Paine Field to serve aerospace manufacturing and general aviation was a wise and visionary decision in 1978. More and more footprint at Paine Field is being used for aerospace manufacturing from parking backlogged planes on every square inch to the construction and opening of Boeing’s Everett Delivery Center and the new Dreamlifter Operations Center. Now, the 777X wing assembly will reportedly be built in Everett next to the main assembly building.

Paine Field is truly an airport of national significance generating $20 billion in economic activity per year and growing. The last thing we need is to start a competing activity like commercial air service, which the FAA states cannot be limited except for safety reasons. Scheduled air service takes priority over Boeing planes according to FAA rules. Yet, proponents continue to push subsidies to start scheduled air service.

Allegiant Airlines does not want to pay its own way, asking the County to give them the land and let them operate their own terminal – the County wisely rejected that offer. Horizon/Alaska Airlines stated they are not interested in starting service at Paine Field at this time unless they were forced to protect turf against Allegiant.

This latest aerospace manufacturing expansion will involve an estimated $4 billion investment by Boeing and more than a decade of work for thousands of employees – and this is just the latest expansion. What do you think is the best path, continuing to keep and maintain high paying jobs or subsidizing a low cost airline that will take their subsidy (your money) while threatening high paying jobs?

What can you do? Send letters to the Snohomish County Council and Executive telling them to implement the current county position of strongly discouraging scheduled air service, to require any interested airlines to fully pay their own way and to reject subsidies or funding from any third party. Letters to newspapers are helpful as well. Remember, the FAA can’t require tax dollars to be spent this way and they can’t require the County to accept third party subsidies either.

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Boeing plans to build 777X's giant wings in Everett


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