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Continue The Pressure – Delay the Vote so the County Council can have ALL the Information

To the many who wrote last week to the Snohomish County elected, a huge Thank You! To you and also those who have not yet written, this is not over. The County Council is set for a possible vote March 2nd on the lease proposal for Propeller Investments. YOU can help stop that vote.

There are updated, targeted email templates you can use as is, or modify to include a personal note. Focus on Council Chair Somers and Councilman Ryan to convince them to slow down. Why? The County has offered no public evidence of conducting due diligence verifying who Propeller is, why their business plan would work here when it has failed elsewhere and how the lease elements fully protect taxpayers over 50 years. YOU would have to provide more evidence of financial ability to get a car loan!

Write now! Send this to friends, link our blog to Facebook and Twitter, and get the message out.

We like to keep these short but some of you have asked for a bit more detail so here you go.

Sampling of research on Propeller Investments and the Proposed Lease:
• Hundreds of searches turned up no favorable business dealings for Propeller Investments, Propeller Airports, Propeller Airports Briscoe Field, or Propeller Airports Paine Field.
• Propeller Investments have two failed attempts at starting commercial passenger service and no success found:
o Propeller’s contract with Briscoe Field in Gwinnett County GA was rejected with County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau saying "I was never given assurance that, in fact, the financial difficulties would not go back on Gwinnett County, if this project were not successful". Propeller CEO Brett Smith was “clearly furious with the decision to reject his plan and said he will not give up on trying to get his plan approved somewhere in the country.” Read more:
o Propeller then tried Paulding County, GA and was accused making a quiet back door deal with Paulding County Airport Authority behind closed doors and without the knowledge of the county residents; the County Commission is now attempting to reverse the deal. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent over many years to serve a handful of general aviation planes. Job were promised but not fulfilled.
• The principals in Propeller have been involved with each other in at least two bankruptcies of airlines (EOS, EUJet). In the case of EOS, 350 employees were laid off without notice and a lawsuit followed.
• Propeller principals involved with the law firm Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt. One of their former named partners was charged with (and admitted to) lying about knowledge of a stock “Pump and Dump” scheme, and personally profiting from that scheme.

Paine Field Proposed Lease is complicated but here are a couple of observations:
• 50 (30 + 10+ 10) years of an exclusive lease to Propeller with options that include transferring ownership without County concurrence.
• Virtually all lease options appear to be up to Propeller and/or the Airport Director
• Expansion or transference options appear to be very open. These are significant issues particularly when talking half a century.
• Paine Field grants concessions to Propeller apparently for 50 years
• There is NO SPECIFIC PROVISION to account for the accumulation of adverse impacts or the funding of mitigation of those impacts.

Write now! Send this to friends, link our blog to Facebook and Twitter, and get the message out.


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