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 Dear Supporter,

Great job emailing the County Council and Executive! Do it again with new information

One more round in this push to convince the Council that they need to fully vet the proposed lease and Propeller Investments. We have put in place new email templates with an updated message to convince the Council and Executive that more time is required to perform their due diligence and fiduciary duty to their constituents.

Email the County Council and the County Executive using either the templates or your own words to get them to slow down and evaluate a 50 year deal very carefully.
• Remind them of the official County Executive and County Council JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 08-020 position last reaffirmed in 2008 which focused on strongly discouraging commercial service by “any and all lawful and appropriate means”!
• Council Chair Somers is on record strongly opposing commercial service in a letter to SOC in 2005. Tell him to use that documented position and the standing Joint Resolution position when reviewing this lease.
• Councilman Ryan has been called the swing vote and has undoubtedly been courted by Mayor Stephanson and commercial service proponents. Tell him this is not a political trade off issue. It requires a careful decision regarding a 50 year deal only made public a few weeks ago. Take the time, ask all the right questions.
• Attend the Council Meeting Monday, March 2nd, 3000 Rockefeller Ave, Everett, 8th floor, 10:30 AM. Apparently Chair Somers is limiting comments from 3 minutes to 2 minutes so prepare accordingly but get there early to sign up.


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