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An opportunity to voice your opinion.
There is an article in the Edmonds Beacon with a survey attached. The first few questions ask your opinion on commercial flights at Paine Field. Express your opinion! Let everyone know that you do not accept the flawed decisions that have been made.

Below are several points you can use as is or to help with the points you want to include.

Reasons to Oppose Commercial Flights at Paine Field

  • While the negative impact would not be immediate, it is simple math that as commercial flights grow, there is less time for Boeing. 
  • Commercial flights have precedence of experimental flights (Boeing test flights are considered experimental). 
  • Boeing continues to use more of Paine Field real estate to park planes. They need all the space they can get.
  • The FAA approved scheduled commercial flights from Paine Field based on a flawed Environmental Assessment (EA) that does not comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
  • Property devaluation
The reduction in our quality of life is another. Just as important is this airfield's long-standing and long agreed-to role of playing a supporting function to Boeing and the aerospace community, which could not continue if air service grew at a rate that is easily imaginable. In addition, the jobs it will attract will be low-wage jobs. 
  • County residents are on the hook for all traffic improvements, noise mitigation, and other costs associated with adding commercial flights since the flawed EA found “no significant impact”.
  • Based on a study of Sea-Tac home values, a 10% reduction is forecast if scheduled commercial air service begins at Paine Field. 

That 10% would cost our community over $1 Billion. This would, in turn, lower tax revenues to local and county governments which would then cause cuts to police, fire, and general services. That would likely then kick off a downward spiral of degradation, which could only be offset by higher taxes to restore the lost services.

  • A study of Boeing Field, vs other Seattle communities found that, near the airport, residents had: 

- 57% higher asthma
- 28% higher pneumonia/influenza
- 26% higher respiratory disease
- 83% higher pregnancy complications

  • Since the FAA determined that adding commercial flights would have “no significant impact” on the surrounding communities, there is no legal basis to demand the FAA or the airlines pay for needed improvements such as roads and noise mitigation.
  • Noise Mitigation costs: About 100,000 children attend schools under the flight path of Paine Field. It cost the Highline School District $200M for Noise Mitigation.
  • Traffic Improvements: most of the intersections that would be used to access the new terminal already have an “F” grade from WSDOT. The taxpayers would be on the hook for millions of dollars in improvements.

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