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Dear Supporter,

Just a reminder that theSave Our Communities annual meeting is this Sunday.
This is far from a done deal! SOC will be holding our annual meeting Sunday, January 31st, 7:00 PM, at the Mukilteo City Hall. We encourage everyone to attend.

We have not sent many alerts lately due to the sensitive nature of the two lawsuits still in play. We will be giving an update at the meeting on the 31st.

Do you realize it has been over three years since the flawed Environmental Assessment (EA) was officially accepted by the FAA with a “Finding Of No Significant Impacts” associated with changing Paine Field to a scheduled commercial service airport? And, it is closer to five years since the EA was commissioned. So, does the FAA still consider this flawed and outdated study relevant, valid and accurate? If you guessed yes, you would be correct. This not only defies logic but also the FAA’s own policy of limiting the timeframe of such studies to 3 years. Lastly, where are the interested airlines that were reportedly so eager to get started? We can ask the proponents to answer that question or you can come to the annual meeting for that discussion.

Attend the meeting for an update and next steps.

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