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Paine Field Saga Continues... We made a decision to limit communications during the legal challenges to avoid discussing strategies in public. However, we now have an opportunity to speak out!

This past February, we asked the FAA to publicly announce their "additional" study plans since the announced number of startup flights is more than double the maximum number of flights the FAA studied years ago. Although the FAA is not conducting the more appropriate comprehensive study known as an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement), they have agreed to conduct a supplementary Environmental Assessment (EA). And, we all know other conditions have changed as well with more development, traffic and so on.

The scenario playing out (more flights than originally projected by the airlines) is one that we brought to the attention of the courts, but we were ruled against. The FAA was supposed to assess "reasonable, foreseeable, potential" activity levels associated with starting up unrestricted scheduled service at Paine Field but they didn't. The announced startup service is more than TEN TIMES the startup level in the FAA "approved" study.

The FAA will NOT seek public input on the scope of their study but will announce a 30 day public comment period once they have a draft study. This will be our next opportunity to hold the FAA's feet to the fire in terms of objectively identifying impacts and mitigation of a "growing" number of flights and to shift mitigation costs (road improvements, noise abatement, school soundproofing, etc.) to where it should be - on Propeller and the airlines - instead of us, the taxpayers. We will be providing some guidance in coming alerts, but in general, the comments need to be presented in the form of questions addressing issues not properly covered by the FAA study. This will require the FAA to respond. The questions should be specific. We will be providing more information on this including examples of how to provide effective comments.

Also, the airport administration needs to be held accountable for standing up for the community interests. There is a meeting this Tuesday (June 12th) of the Paine Field Community Council at 7:00 PM at the Future of Flight, 8415 Paine Field Boulevard Mukilteo. We encourage people to attend and ask what the County/Airport is doing to ensure Propeller (the company building and operating the terminal) is abiding by all laws including paying ALL mitigation costs for ALL direct and indirect impacts. The airport administration is the tip of the spear for the County on Paine Field and can't simply wash their hands on this issue. They represent the County who owns the airport; they need to be assertive in looking out for the community interests. It is unacceptable to minimize the startup of scheduled service as being so few flights that no one will notice (we have actually heard that) -- we all know the negative impacts of constantly adding flights over time for all the surrounding communities, schools, quality of life, value of homes, erosion of tax revenues and so on.

In the meantime, we are doing all we can to make sure the accountable parties (Propeller and the airlines) pay all reasonable costs attributable to their activities. Our efforts require a lot of volunteer time and legal efforts cost money; we are evaluating additional legal action. We appreciate any and all donations to help us in our efforts to get the best outcome for all our communities.

Stay tuned . . .

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