The Key Issues

How We Got Here

Snohomish County has guided the development and operation of Paine Field with a role adopted by county commissioners in 1978 (Mediated Role Determination or MRD). This was reaffirmed in 2007.

The few who have pushed for scheduled commercial flights convinced Allegiant Air to request service from Paine Field. The FAA completed a flawed, limited scope Environmental Assessment (EA) and concluded scheduled commercial flights from Paine would have no significant impact on the surrounding communities.

Save Our Communities, The Cities of Mukilteo and Edmonds, and others have filed a Federal Lawsuit stating that the EA fails to comply with  the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA.)

What We Are For:

We are FOR the Boeing Company, our aerospace industry, and general aviation. We always have been.  We are FOR creating an Aerospace Center of National Significance by attracting and retaining high wage, high growth aerospace industrial corporations.  We want the economic development that these world class companies have brought, and can continue to bring, to this area.

What We Are Against:

We are against any tax dollars being used to subsidize airlines. If an airline wants to fly from Paine Field, they should pay all costs.

We are against a use of Paine Field counter to the MRD and its proven best use which would negatively impact our standard of living and hour home values.