Save our communities

Scheduled commercial flights at Paine Field were brought to Paine Field though a series of partial truths and insufficient Environmental studies. We can’t change that fact that flights are here, but we can be vigilant to expansion and require appropriate Environmental Impact Statements for any expansion.

The Issues Facing Paine Field

A history of serving the community

For 30+ years, Paine Field has acted in cooperation with local business to provide valuable service AND to serve the community.

Enter: Private Developers

Private developers want to dramatically alter the role of Paine Field. They want it to be a hub of commercial air activity. And they want US to pay for it. 

Impact to our community

There will be an increasing cost to our community — a decrease in the quality of life and our financial well-being.

The cost to our communities

  • 10% decline in home values 
  • Reduced tax revenues 
  • Cuts to police, fire, general services
  • Millions in noise-mitigation costs

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