Follow the Money

County Executive tells us to follow the money. So we will.

In his first election campaign for County Executive, Mr. Reardon told us to “follow the money” when looking at the special interests behind Paine Field expansion. Here’s a link to his original campaign flier, front page, and back page.

Here’s the text of Reardon’s campaign flier (back page)–
Here we go again. A group of developers have poured almost $50,000 into a new Political Action Committee. And they’ve hidden behind the rather benign and pleasant sound name “Citizens Campaign Committee” in an attempt to disguise both their identity and their intentions.
This committee, in reality, is composed of some of South Snohomish County’s most notorious developers intent on turning Paine Field into a major regional airport.
This would have lasting and devasting impacts to our quality of life in Mukilteo, Bothell, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood and Edmonds and I have consistently opposed this excessive expansion throughout my career in the Legislature.
Needless to say my position doesn’t sit well with those who would benefit-and profit mightily from a “South Snohomish County SeaTac.” They want someone in the County Executive’s office who’s willing to do their bidding. So now, with a new disguise, they’re coming at me again.
When they do, follow the money. And consider the source.

[Mr. Reardon–we couldn’t have said this better ourselves!]

To view some of the cash contributors to your favorite elected official, you merely have to visit the Washington Public Disclosure Commission website and do a simple search.


What you learn may make you think twice about where you spend your money in Snohomish County.

Along those same lines, given that both the Everett and Marysville Chambers of Commerce have endorsed the expansion of Paine Field, you may want consider shopping elsewhere. If you need something from, say, Home Depot or Walmart, visit one of their stores outside of these two cities, and otherwise support the merchants and businesses in the towns where they value the quality of life in our communities over what they’ve been led to believe will bring them a few more bucks.

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